Thursday, May 03, 2007


A typical place of worship of the Himalayas called the "Gompa" in Mechukha.. When serenity beckons on you, the urge for salvation/ nirvana is but spontaneous .. check out the snow clad mountains at the backdrop..

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The river that flows by the mechukha valley

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gateway to heaven

This is the proverbial Gateway to heaven!! A photo taken by my friend in Mechukha

Friday, April 20, 2007

The bridge down the river mechukha

Check this out!! Seems unreal..this is the uphill stream which flows along Mechukha...A perfect place for those who loves to trek along the river upstream,angling and all those who appreciate untouched nature in its pristine glory


Well. all this while my blog has been focusing only one part of the vast beautiful state 'arunachal'. Today I am starting a new series highlighting another beautiful destination in the state-MECHUKHA valley, which literally translated means 'Fire-water-ice'. The other version says that the name mechukha is derived from the word 'Menchukha', which means 'The Rivermouth of Healing'.Legend has it that the area had a water source which had power of healing and oft used by the locals and claimed to have medicinal value.

This lovely place is a part of the west siang district and home to the memba tribes. The membas are buddhist by faith and very hospitable lot. The destination was only connected by air until recently which now has a motorable road. I am told pollution in mechukha is negligible, attributable only to the fire wood burnt by the locals for domestic purposes and occassional visits of the IAF planes. This is nature lovers paradise at its highest glory. some call it the switzerland of the east while others tend to draw parallal with other destinations.. for me mechukha is one of its kind with no parallal... you got to see to believe ..

Alot of beautiful photos are lined up on mechukha... until next time.. plan ur next trip to mechukha

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A custom made trip to Tawang

For long I have been recieving queries for the best way to enjoy a trip to Tawang from people who intend to visit Tawang. I have realized that almost all visitors make a half baked programme of the visit. This results in a tired spoilt holiday and also end up not seeing the lesser known beauties of Tawang. It is in this light that I have made an attempt to design a whole some trip to tawang with health on the top priority.

From Kolkata:

1. The alliance air flies to Tezpur tri-weekly which is the nearest airport. One can take the flight.
2. From Tezpur drive up to Bhalukpong(1000 ft approx) for 2-3 hrs and halt for a day or two. The area is a typical monsoon forest with the kameng river flowing through it. This is a paradise for adenture sports such as white water rafting and angling. Halt in B'pong also works as a accclimatization programme which is a must before taking the hieghts.
3. From B'pong you can drive to Dirang valley (3000 ft)via Bomdila for 4-5 hrs. Dirang valley is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauties of the valley. You can visit the local sightseeing places of interest of which bird watching is a hot favourite .
4. From Dirang driving at the wee hours of the morning with the aim to reach the Sela pass(18000 ft) by sunrise is an effort worth it. the sunrise at Sela is by far the most breathtaking spectacles i have ever seen. One can take a easy drive thereafter to reach Tawang by evening.
5.The next morning you can see the nearby places of interest in and around tawang.This is also to rejuvenate your lost energy after a long drive..
6. Organise a picnic with packed food towards T Gompa, Sangetsar lake to have a close interaction with nature.Enjoy the sight of glacial lakes, the wild golden ducks,yaks etc..the next day.
7. For those who like to stretch things to the limit a long trek to Mago/Thingbu would be icing on the cake. but proper guide a must for this.camping in the wild with tents is a lifetime experience one should not miss...
8. Return and halt at Bomdila(10000 ft approx) site seeing.. and back to tezpur..
This itinery can be further customised to suit individual needs

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The wheel of life

Well!! My first post inthe new year has to be to be the wheel of life. This is a picture of a "MANE" with mantras inscribed on it in the bodhi language and the mantra goes as ' OM MANE PADME HUNG' which literally means the jewel in the center of the lotus. It is a mantra invoking the AVALOKITESWARA-the Buddha of compassion.This is the mantra to develop compassion towards all sentient beings which is the main underlying philosophy of Buddhism. All buddhists chant this mantra and also revolve this prayer wheel with the belief that the mantras inscribed on it will be carried by the wind horse(Lung Ta) in all directions to spread the feeling of compassion.
May the year 2007 be a year of peace for all

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Himalayan flora

A rare sight of adaptation by plants to the harsh environment in the
higher reaches of Tawang

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wild Wild East

The transhumance nomads milking the yaks for their "daily butter". In the background is the temporary stone shelter...

Friday, August 25, 2006

"Cotton field"

Well, early monsoon picture taken of the panorama around the district.. the monsoons are the times when rains are aplenty and life both flora and fauna is at its best.. infact it is one of the sights one would not afford to miss.. come what may.

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