Friday, August 25, 2006

"Cotton field"

Well, early monsoon picture taken of the panorama around the district.. the monsoons are the times when rains are aplenty and life both flora and fauna is at its best.. infact it is one of the sights one would not afford to miss.. come what may.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

"How green is my valley?"

This is another beautiful location untouched by 'civilization', en-route the trek to Mago-Thingbu in Tawang district. This valley b'coz of its mind blowing view is oft sought after by trekkers and nomads to make it a transit stop over point. The tents once pitched, you feel a strange sense of liberation(mukti) from the worldly complexities and sense of fulfillment prevails over you which no amount of money can buy you. You will be on the proverbial lap of the serene nature enjoyin the view and pollution free air. Infact the air is so pure that some times one finds problem inhaling the air here.. The only price one pays to reach this crescendo is a hard trek of about 50 odd Kms from the nearest point of road connectivity.. And I assure you that the price you pay will be more than compensated by the dividends you get once you reach the place.... The best time to plan a trek here is in the month of April. Anyone game?

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tso-kyo-The crooked lake

Well!!! as the name suggests this is an arc shaped lake about 15 kms above the town towards to the Chinese border. let me assure u that the sight of this lake with all the wild yaks grazing in the vicinity will be etched in ur memory for a long time to come .. If you are lucky u might even spot some migratory pair of golden ducks from Siberia.. It is also an ideal place for picnic but let me warn you that since all the 108 lakes in the district are sacred to the locals, littering the place will be taken in bad taste.. I had recently been to this lake and had done a circumambulation and it was great fun..the flora around the lake is unique... since I was there in the spring time the flora in full bloom the sight was breath taking. The more adventurous ones can also dare taking a plunge in the lake.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tsa-Nga-Phu : Mt Gorichen- The white giant

This is the photograph of Mount Gorichen located in Tawang district, Gorichen is one of the highest peaks (22,500 Ft) of Arunachal Pradesh. It is covered by snow twelve months a year and that's why many refer to it as the 'White Giant'. It is revered as Sa-Nga Phu, which literally means the Abode of the guardian deity and therefore, sacred to the Monpa tribe. Gorichen is a delight for all the mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts. The months of September and October are the ideal time to indulge oneself to taming this 'White Giant'(Warning:Ventures by the untrained could prove to be fatal).The mountaineers have classified this giant as "Gorichen Main-6488" and "Gorichen east 6222m" in terms of its hieght and difficulty to scale. Let me inform you that many of the peaks are still unclaimed and you could be the first to scale them and get a peak named after you- doesn't it sound exciting?.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

TAWANG - 'Blessed by the Horse'

Welcome to 'TA-WANG', which literally means blessed('WANG') by the horse('TA'). Legend has it that Saint Mera Lama wanted to built a monastery in this region and was not sure of the location. It was his horse that chose the place on the picture as the ideal place to built the monumental structure and hence the name "TAWANG". This monastery is one of the oldest and largest in Asia and imparts religious knowledge to 500 inmates(Monks/Lamas).
The district is home to the MONPA tribe. The Monpas are buddhist by faith and the entire socio-cultural activities of the Monpas revolve around this Monastery which is called the "Gaden Namgyal Lhatse Gompa".

The Back View of the Gaden Namgyal Lhatse Gompa Monastry. Breath taking view!!

The entrance to Heaven!!! That small pagoda welcomes travel weary visitors to the beautiful town of Tawang. All the scenic spots are within a radius of 15 Kilometers from the town, though the unexplored natural beauty will call for a welcome 100 KM trek, anybody game?

Birds eye view of the Tawang Town, taken from the monastry, taken using a point and shoot camera.

Monday, August 14, 2006

An Unnamed Glacial Lake in Tawang

This beautiful view is of an unnamed glacial lake in Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh. This place is 80 miles trek from the point of last possible signs of civilization towards Chinese border. I assure you that this breathtaking sight is one of its kind in India and most of all unexplored to all the nature buffs...

Enjoy and posts your comments and queries..

Next update- very soon, with lots of pictures.

We are planning to take one district at a time, and will be posting a lot of pictures from Tawang in the first Installment.

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