Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tsa-Nga-Phu : Mt Gorichen- The white giant

This is the photograph of Mount Gorichen located in Tawang district, Gorichen is one of the highest peaks (22,500 Ft) of Arunachal Pradesh. It is covered by snow twelve months a year and that's why many refer to it as the 'White Giant'. It is revered as Sa-Nga Phu, which literally means the Abode of the guardian deity and therefore, sacred to the Monpa tribe. Gorichen is a delight for all the mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts. The months of September and October are the ideal time to indulge oneself to taming this 'White Giant'(Warning:Ventures by the untrained could prove to be fatal).The mountaineers have classified this giant as "Gorichen Main-6488" and "Gorichen east 6222m" in terms of its hieght and difficulty to scale. Let me inform you that many of the peaks are still unclaimed and you could be the first to scale them and get a peak named after you- doesn't it sound exciting?.


shockwave said...

Nice pictures :)

Keep them coming

zambay said...

wat a picture,thats a great one.good job

Abhinaba said...

hello this is abhinaba...can you mail me at ...i want to have some information regarding the arunachal himalaya

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