Friday, August 18, 2006

Tso-kyo-The crooked lake

Well!!! as the name suggests this is an arc shaped lake about 15 kms above the town towards to the Chinese border. let me assure u that the sight of this lake with all the wild yaks grazing in the vicinity will be etched in ur memory for a long time to come .. If you are lucky u might even spot some migratory pair of golden ducks from Siberia.. It is also an ideal place for picnic but let me warn you that since all the 108 lakes in the district are sacred to the locals, littering the place will be taken in bad taste.. I had recently been to this lake and had done a circumambulation and it was great fun..the flora around the lake is unique... since I was there in the spring time the flora in full bloom the sight was breath taking. The more adventurous ones can also dare taking a plunge in the lake.


shockwave said...

Amazing pictures

Thanks for posting :)

shockwave said...

By the way .. why dont join SSC India forums ?

No problem if you cant.

Its just that it would be better if you yourself post these pictures there .. instead of me posting and crediting you :)

Do let me know if you decide to join there.

But hope to see more pictures! :)

Take care!

Sonam said...

thx a lot.. I ll think over your valuable suggestion.. look forward for more pics...

zambay said...

hey this ones very nice i like ur work with nature and hope to see some more pictures on tawang its town,people and students.

goman said...

plz can u give more information about this lake?

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