Monday, August 14, 2006

An Unnamed Glacial Lake in Tawang

This beautiful view is of an unnamed glacial lake in Tawang district in Arunachal Pradesh. This place is 80 miles trek from the point of last possible signs of civilization towards Chinese border. I assure you that this breathtaking sight is one of its kind in India and most of all unexplored to all the nature buffs...

Enjoy and posts your comments and queries..

Next update- very soon, with lots of pictures.

We are planning to take one district at a time, and will be posting a lot of pictures from Tawang in the first Installment.


kanu said...

never knew a lake so beautiful existed in Tawang.

Anonymous said...

Nice Photos, Good Description....Would love to go there sometimes..God willing....Hope it remains upspoilt for ever....from human politics and greed..etc
Best wishes to you from Vinod Parameswaran, Auckland, NZ


Enjoyed your blog to the fullest but again I want to more photos coz my desires are growing more and more.

Expecting much more in the future and your blog is in my favourite list in

Esher Singh said...

Can I get to know when is the best time to visit this place? and also if possible a snapshot of how to get there from Tezpur?

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