Friday, April 20, 2007


Well. all this while my blog has been focusing only one part of the vast beautiful state 'arunachal'. Today I am starting a new series highlighting another beautiful destination in the state-MECHUKHA valley, which literally translated means 'Fire-water-ice'. The other version says that the name mechukha is derived from the word 'Menchukha', which means 'The Rivermouth of Healing'.Legend has it that the area had a water source which had power of healing and oft used by the locals and claimed to have medicinal value.

This lovely place is a part of the west siang district and home to the memba tribes. The membas are buddhist by faith and very hospitable lot. The destination was only connected by air until recently which now has a motorable road. I am told pollution in mechukha is negligible, attributable only to the fire wood burnt by the locals for domestic purposes and occassional visits of the IAF planes. This is nature lovers paradise at its highest glory. some call it the switzerland of the east while others tend to draw parallal with other destinations.. for me mechukha is one of its kind with no parallal... you got to see to believe ..

Alot of beautiful photos are lined up on mechukha... until next time.. plan ur next trip to mechukha



Please, make your fonts bigger. I am unable to read it properly.

Anonymous said...

You got to see to beleive it..... have you seen it ???????

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